MongoDB YCSB benchmark

Benchmark date: Jun 2015.

The goal was to evaluate different available storage engines for MongoDB. The workload is YCSB. The load is designed to be a heavy IO-load on the fast (FusionIO Duo) and slow(SAS raid10) storage.

The benchmark was done on the server CT 720 with RAID0 for FusionIO PCI-e card and RAID10 over 8 SAS hard drives as a storage

Workloads description

YCSB benchmark has six core workloads:

Workload A

Update heavy workload. This workload has a mix of 50/50 reads and writes.
An application example is a session store recording recent actions.

Read/update ratio: 50/50

Workload B

Read mostly workload. This workload has a 95/5 reads/write mix.
Application example: photo tagging; add a tag is an update, but most operations are to read tags.

Read/update ratio: 95/5

Workload C

Read only. This workload is 100% read.

Read/update ratio: 100/0

Workload D

Read latest workload. In this workload, new records are inserted(5%), and the most recently
inserted records are the most popular so we read them(95%).

Read/update/insert ratio: 95/0/5

Workload E

Short ranges
In this workload, short ranges of records are queried, instead of individual records.
Application example: threaded conversations, where each scan is for the posts in
a given thread (assumed to be clustered by thread id).

Scan/insert ratio: 95/5

Workload F

Read-modify-write. In this workload, the client will read a record, modify it, and write
back the changes. Application example: user database, where user records are read and
modified by the user or to record user activity.

Read/read-modify-write ratio: 50/50

Workload Setup

  • NUM_DOCUMENTS_PER_COLLECTION=100.000.000 (each record - 10 fields, 100 bytes each, plus key)

Below storage size of the data reported by MongoDB:

engine compression storage size
mmapv1 none 206.777.207.344
wiredTiger snappy 121.504.636.928
rocksdb snappy 116.787.953.408
TokuSE quicklz 152.521.670.656
TokuMX quicklz 150.239.969.280

I use following cache/total memory configuration (configured with cgroup):

  • 8GiB cache / 16GiB total

For MMAP engine there is no cache configuration, so only total memory limit is applied.

  • binaries for MongoDB which includes mmapv1, WiredTiger, RocksDB storage engines [1]
  • binary for Percona TokuMX 2.0.1 [2]
  • binary for TokuMXse RC6 [3] (storage engine based on TokuFT for MongoDB 3.0)

Startup command lines


$MONGODIR/mongod --dbpath=$DATADIR --logpath=$1/server.log

MongoDB wiredTiger

$MONGODIR/mongod --dbpath=$DATADIR --storageEngine=wiredTiger \
--wiredTigerCacheSizeGB=X --wiredTigerJournalCompressor=none


$MONGODIR/mongod --dbpath=$DATADIR --storageEngine=rocksdb \

Percona TokuMXse

$MONGODIR/mongod --dbpath=$DATADIR --storageEngine=tokuft \
--tokuftCollectionReadPageSize=16384 --tokuftCollectionCompression=quicklz \
--tokuftCollectionFanout=128 --tokuftIndexReadPageSize=16384 \
--tokuftIndexCompression=quicklz --tokuftIndexFanout=128 \
--tokuftEngineCacheSize=X --syncdelay=900

Percona TokuMX

$MONGODIR/mongod --dbpath=$DATADIR --setParameter="defaultCompression=quicklz" \
--setParameter="defaultFanout=128" --setParameter="defaultReadPageSize=16384" \
--setParameter="fastUpdates=true" --cacheSize=X --checkpointPeriod=900


Summary: Fast vs Slow storage


Slow storage:

YCSB-Workload A


YCSB-Workload B


YCSB-Workload C


YCSB-Workload D


Fast storage

YCSB-Workload A


YCSB-Workload B


YCSB-Workload C


YCSB-Workload D



[1]Link to download MongoDB with RocksDB .
[2]Percona TokuMX 2.0.1
[3]Percona TokuMXse RC6